Anushka Hickey

Integrative Psychotherapist

Anushka has been practising both online and in person in the Harold’s Cross location since 2020 with clients ranging from adolescents to elders. Anushka specialises in areas of anxiety, panic attacks and depression working collaboratively with clients, and finding what is effective for them. Methods and models used regularly include person-centred, CBT, Schema, Psychodynamic, Attachment, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Theory and Choice Theory and others.

Using both top down (challenging thoughts and beliefs) and bottom up (looking at nervous system states and using the connection with the body to increase resilience), Anushka provides a holistic approach to therapy. Anushka helps individuals who are tired of feeling stuck in their old patterns of behaviour and want to feel empowered to make choices in their lives rather than unconsciously repeating patterns that feel out of their control such as people pleasing, anxiety in relationships, shutting down or overreacting to situations, holding yourself to impossible standards and then lurching into feelings of chaos – you are not alone. Counselling and psychotherapy with Anushka is for those in need of a place to speak openly and be heard, and a to be guided with a pragmatic approach.