Ciara McKeown

Integrative Counselling & Art Therapy

I’m not a brilliant artist. I’m okay with that.
I create art to please myself and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.
But either way I know the picture is never ‘wrong’ and that is very liberating.
I am a fully qualified therapist with a BA (Hons) in Integrative Counselling and Art Therapy with Dublin Art Therapy College / IT Carlow.

I love singing and song-writing, Joe Wicks 20 minute workouts, and dancing in my kitchen.

Clients come to me who are grieving, feeling depressed, anxious, or don’t know what they feel but know something is wrong.
Together we work out where the client is at right now.
We look at where they want to be and how they expect to feel when they get there.
We look at any obstacles standing in the way of that goal, and address any unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that have been hanging around in the background of their mind making life feel uncomfortable or unfulfilling.

So where does the Art come in?
It’s a tool we can use when the words just aren’t enough.
Not all clients want to do art. Some just want to talk, which is totally fine by me.
Most will start by saying they are ‘no good at art’.
Luckily it’s not about creating beautiful art, as sometimes what needs to be expressed is not pretty.
Stickmen and scribble drawings are welcome here!

I have a special interest in working with clients caught up in or recovering from toxic relationships, particularly Narcissistic Abuse.
I have seen the benefits of using art as a way of guiding clients back to
their internal world after many years spent in relationships that required them to ignore themselves and focus on the other.
I think the pandemic is creating a pressure cooker situation for those caught in such relationships.
I am also interested in working with Menopausal and Peri-Menopausal women as I see Art as a great creative facilitator of endings and beginnings.
Menopause, lockdown and children at home 24/7 is a lethal combination!

I am currently seeing clients one-to-one, as well as running online group Art Therapy courses.