Emma Galvin

Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

Emma Gavin is a fully qualified holistic counsellor and psychotherapist from the International College for Personal and Professional Development in Athlone, Ireland. This ‘holistic’ element is an important factor for her in the practice of psychotherapy as we are complex human beings with multiple facets, stemming from the dynamics of the relationship with ourselves, with others, the world around us and the various events that have shaped our lives or sometimes, those of our family and ancestors. We can be influenced by these dynamics consciously or unconsciously. Through the lens of systemic practice or family constellation facilitation which she has been trained in, we have an opportunity to explore these aspects and possibly even, make peace with them. This non-bias space can offer what needs to the acknowledged, seen, heard, or felt to come forth and often, for healing to occur.

She has also worked with a wide range of large organisations across various countries and have gained vast experience dealing with people from different diversities in ethnicity, culture, religion, and social background. She understands the stress of working in demanding jobs, environments and with difficult working relationships.

As a pre-accredited member of the IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), she upholds IACP’s Code of Ethics, she is Garda vetted and fully insured to ensure a calm, safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for my Clients to work within. She also has a sound knowledge of the theoretical counselling practices and their application in the real-world setting and has experience working with Grief, Loss, Trauma, Stress and Anxiety.

She is passionate about providing person-centred support to Clients to develop and nurture their personal resourcefulness, inner strength, and self-empowerment. Supporting Clients to support themselves is the underpinning ethos of her work.