Joy Eniola

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Joy brings over 18 years of working with and supporting a wide range of people with diverse needs including young people, elderly, women and families with children. She holds a diploma in counselling and Psychotherapy, a Masters in Family Support, and is currently completing her level 8 (hons) degree in counselling and psychotherapy at the Irish Institute of Counselling and psychotherapy.

Joy’s goal is to empower her clients with tools for self-understanding, healing and living a fulfilled life. She sees herself as a partner with the client in the healing process and employs a pluralistic, person-centred framework which allows her utilise tools from different counselling approaches and adapt therapy to the client’s needs.

Joy welcomes clients with a wide range of presenting issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, anger, low self-esteem, identity and cultural crises, personal growth, family dynamics, and other relational issues. Having migrated to Ireland in her late teens, she is particularly passionate about working with people from different cultures and places value on her clients’ spiritual and cultural worldviews and is open to exploring how these experiences may interact with the client’s understanding of self and others.

Joy loves eating, dancing, walking, travelling and experiencing cultures through the eyes of a local – she has lived and volunteered in several countries and engages with people from multiple nationalities in her other role as Intercultural Development Coordinator.