Paula Duffy

Professional Coach

Do you feel like you want to make a change but you’re not sure what it is? Maybe you know exactly what you want to do, but you’re not sure how to get there? Do you feel stuck in a job or a relationship that isn’t working well for you? Or maybe you feel frustrated by a repeated behavioural pattern that you want to break free from but you haven’t managed to do it yet. Maybe you are simply overwhelmed by the demands of busy modern life.

Coaching provides a safe space empowering you to gain clarity on what you want, where you want to get to and to identify what is holding you back. Paula is a Professional Coach who works in partnership with her clients to support them in creating a life they have designed rather than a life they are living by default. Coaching is about helping you to create the roadmap to a life you want to have, rather than a life that is happening to you.

Paula is fascinated by what makes people tick. She is passionate about having deep conversations with people to help them gain a better understanding of themselves. From this place of awareness, clients can actively choose how they want to be and what they want to do, rather than fall into repeating old behaviours and patterns which are no longer serving them in their lives. Her purpose as a coach is to enable, challenge and support you to identify where you want to get to and to support you in getting there. She is passionate about the power of coaching in making a difference in people’s lives. She values authenticity, trust and human connection. Her strengths lie in building strong relationships and partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals. She believes that you have the answers inside of you. You just need to invest the time in finding them.

In addition to her work as a Professional Coach, she has 20 years leadership experience at senior management level in the financial services industry growing and developing teams. Her passion is in supporting individuals’ growth and helping people achieve their highest potential. Married with 3 children and working full time, she understands the challenges and pressures of busy modern life with competing responsibilities, and how we can often put ourselves last on the list of
priorities. Coaching provides a safe space to give yourself the gift of time to focus on you and your goals.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of coaching is the relationship between coach and client. She offers a free ‘discovery call’ to help you learn more about coaching and to decide if she is the right fit for you. Paula is available for both face to face and online coaching.