Stuart Wilson

Behavioural Psychotherapist

Stuart Wilson is a Behavioural Psychotherapist specialising in youth and adolescents and family therapy. He holds a BA (HONS) in Counselling & Psychotherapy, DIP in Clinical Supervision, DIP in Relationship Intimacy, DIP in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), DIP in Life & Executive Coaching and MSc Adolescent Psychotherapy University of Northampton. He is trained in mediation and conflict resolution and is a registered training facilitator with Solas, FAS and towards healing.

He is the Founder of Zestlife Therapeutic Services, two therapy centres in Dublin serving families within the Irish community in Dublin and nationwide. He is Founder of ZestLife Training a consultancy, a training company providing training workshops, courses and supervision to agencies around Ireland. His consultancy work assists mental health & wellness in the workplace and has assisted organisations worldwide adopt mental health change into their organisations, including Paypal, Bank of America. He is Co-Founder of ZestLife Training & Counselling College, an educational college providing undergraduate and postgraduate accredited courses for those wishing to journey into the field of psychotherapy and cognitive psychology.

He is Co-Founder and CEO of not for profit Zest4Kidz Children’s Charity working alongside his wife Magi Wilson with vulnerable children in Ireland and overseas. Their work in Africa assists former child soldiers and children with disability. Their work in India assists former rescued children, and in Eastern Europe assists children within the state orphanage and prison system. Stuart and Magi Wilson were recipients of the National Pride of Ireland award for ‘special recognition’ for their work with vulnerable children in 2015.

Stuart Wilson’s work with families and particularly young people is recognised nationally; he has worked with radio and TV, including the award-winning documentary series ” Pony Kids” with Diarmuid Gavin and RTE1 in 2009. He has appeared regularly on TV3 and TVAM. His work with marginalised young people in Ireland has assisted many second-chance programmes within the VEC, ETB, Solas, Probation Services, Prison Services, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Youthreach and Community training Centres nationwide.

Stuart is particularly passionate about working within behavioural aspects of young people’s lives and family dynamics. He assists parents and teachers in areas of working with behaviour and how best to implement change. He teaches in a non-judgmental, inclusive and humble way, with a sense of humour to create a fun learning environment. His way of delivering both therapy and motivational programmes to young people creates an excellent fun learning style that young people enjoy and engage with.

Stuart is a motivational speaker who engages with young people directly in schools and15094942_10154683478178480_4810924016101550844_n centres, particularly speaking into relevant areas of young peoples lives and family life. He delivers keynote addresses for parents, carers and therapists with humourous and thought-provoking topics, such as anxiety, cyber awareness, depression, choice & change, motivation and inspiration.

He has recently been conference host and MC for the ‘ Young Social Innovators’ national awards and the IACP Annual National Conference. He has been a keynote speaker on the topic of teenage anxiety at the ICGP annual medical conference in Lyrath, Kilkenny in 2016. His subsequent article ‘ Dealing with Teenage Cyber Anxiety’ was published in the Irish Medical Journal in 2016. Stuart recently spoke at the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit held in Croke Park, in 2019.

Stuart recently held a discussion at the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit 2020 with world-renowned wellness expert Dr Deepak Chopra on the effects of living during the worldwide pandemic and the effects on mental health. He was a contributor at the Mental Health and Wellness Summit Global in 2020, on the topic of mental wellness in the workplace, and frontline services during Covid-19.