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We help Families

We have an excellent team of therapists who specialise in working with families.

Family Communication.

Adolescents hiding in their rooms? Only see them for bank holidays and mealtimes? Let us talk through methods which will aid conversation and communication and help connection.

Dealing with Loss and Grief.

If you have had a bereavement, you know only too well how difficult a time this can be. We are here to sympathetically walk with you during this tough time.

Coping with Traumatic Events

If you have had a crisis or traumatic event, let us work professionally to support you and your family. Our professionals help guide you and support you.

Family separation

We help families keep things peaceful and calm when going through a separation or break-up.

Pre-legal agreements

We help in keeping things child focussed and assist in pre-legal separation agreements.

Family difficulties

We are experts at helping families to deal with day to day difficulties, or dealing with a crisis.

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