Terms and Conditions

Please note all our therapists are self employed and not employed directly by ZestLife Therapeutic Services. Your contract is directly with the therapist you see, not ZestLife.



ZestLife Therapeutic Services ensure all therapists working under our referral umbrella produce a copy of their qualifications to us, to ensure they are trained to required government standards. Please check with your individual therapist that you are comfortable with their qualifications in advance of therapy starting. No therapist minds you checking their qualifications, they have worked hard for them and are happy to discuss them. ZestLife Therapeutic Services holds no responsibility once therapy has started. The requirement to be a therapist under government guidelines will be regulated in 2024 and therapists will be required to hold a level 8 honours degree.



All therapists hold their own malpractice and professional indemnity/Liability insurance and a copy is held with ZestLife Therapeutic Services for governance. However, please check insurance directly with your therapist to ensure you are comfortable before therapy begins. ZestLife Therapeutic Services holds no responsibility for insurance once therapy has begun.



All our therapists are accredited with a variety of accreditation bodies. Some therapists are at different levels of accreditation.


Student therapist This is where a therapist is in training and must complete 100 hours during their undergraduate course to engage with direct client work. This work is strictly governed and supervised through the college they are training with. (Not with a supervisor in the room with you) Once the student therapist has completed their 100 hours student practice hours, along with their undergraduate course, they then move onto a pre-Accredited stage with their accreditation agency. Typically, student therapy could cost approx. E10-E20 per session.


Pre-Accredited therapist This is where your therapist has completed their undergraduate course and their student hours. They are now a pre-accredited therapist working towards full accreditation. This means they must complete 450 hours of supervised client work to reach full accreditation. Typically, a pre-accredited therapist could charge E50-E70 per session.


Fully Accredited therapist This is where your therapist has completed their 450 hours post-graduation and are now a fully accredited therapist with their accreditation agency. Typically, a fully accredited therapist might charge E70-E80 per session.


Specialist Therapist – This is where your therapist has further trained into an area of expertise and typically taken on post graduate training and learning. This may be in a specialist area. This may bring their qualifications into a higher level at level 9 or beyond. Typically, a specialist therapist could charge E80-E120.




Please check with your therapist before therapy begins if their accreditation status and qualifications meet the criteria set out by your health care provider and policy. This is essential before therapy commences, as ZestLife Therapeutic Services will do their utmost to pair you with a therapist that best meets your needs, but holds no responsibility as to whether the cost of your therapy is covered by your health care provider. This responsibility is wholly between you and your therapist.



All therapists are accredited as mentioned in 3 above. Each therapist is required to be in ongoing supervision for their work. This ensures best practice. Each accreditation agency has different supervision requirements. Please ensure you are happy that your therapist meets the standards set out by their accreditation agency.



Every therapist accredited with an accreditation agency in Ireland must abide by CPD ongoing training to ensure they stay constantly progressing in their field. Each agency has different requirements. ZestLife Therapeutic Services requests all therapists to meet their minimum acceptable CPD hours as set out by the therapists accreditation agency. Please discuss directly with your therapist if you have any questions about their CPD work.


  1. FEES:

Each therapist sets their own fees agreed with their client.



Each therapist may keep their own notes from their work with you. No records are kept on the premises. If you have any questions regarding GDPR or note keeping please discuss with your therapist directly.



Each room in both premises is governed by CCTV. This is visual only and not audio recording for your safety and the safety of our therapists.


  1. ETHICS:

Each therapist abides by a code of ethics set out by their accreditation agency.



ZestLife Therapeutic Services have a 24 hours cancellation policy. You can cancel with no charge before 24 hours before your appointment. If within that 24 hours full charge applies. Please discuss directly with your therapist.


If you have any questions regarding our terms or conditions please discuss directly with your therapist.


We hope your experience with ZestLife Therapeutic Services is a good one. Please feel free to let me know any feedback or how we can improve our services to you.


Stuart Wilson

Clinical Director