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We help Adults

We have an excellent team of therapists who specialise in working with adults.


We offer Relationship Therapy for those couple who wish to give it another try to bring the spark back.

Adult depression

We help adults who are experiencing Depression, Anxiety and Stress, Addictive Behaviours.


ZestLife is a registered therapy provider for www.towardshealing.ie for survivors of clerical abuse.



This can be debilitating and isolating. We combine CBT methods and individual support and understanding to help you with anxiety and flourish in spite of this difficulty.

Work issues

Pressure or stress at work? Bullying or tricky work environment? We will support you as you need transition or change.

Families in crisis

Having a family situation that feels has created a mess or destabilized your family? We are experts in crisis management and will guide you and support you.


Relationship break-up

Any break up can be terribly upsetting, isolating and create a depressed mood. Our therapists will be understanding of your situation and your needs and help you though.

Career change

Want a change? or transitioning to a new career and need support. Our career therapists and business coaches are excellent at understanding and strategically assisting you, while therapeutically supporting you.


Caught up in a cycle of addiction that you want to break or need to break? Whether it is online, porn, smartphones, drugs, alcohol or patterns of destructive behaviours? Our therapists are able to help you. Take the first big step and ask for help today.


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