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We help in areas of working therapeutically with children.

We have an excellent team who are specialists in working with young people.

Getting into a good sleep pattern.

Once, as a parent, you are getting a proper rest everything else can function properly. Let us help guide you to good habits from early on.

Settling kids into school.

Let us guide you into school life with your children and assist them in establishing good self esteem early on.

Bullying in school?

Not sure what to do or how to cope? Let our experts guide you to do the correct thing for your child and navigate the issue with the school.

Dealing with early trauma.

Our experts can help parents understand how to help our little ones deal with trauma and work with your child too.

Behavioural challenges?

Our experts help guide parents, school and little ones to understand boundaries and behaviours with no fuss.

Anxious little ones?

Understand the neuroscience behind how your child is feeling and the most up to date scientific methods to deal with it.

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