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Preparation for work Experience is an essential course for you to attend if you are serious about your working future. If you are blessed enough to be given the chance of work experience then you may (if you do a good job) land the job you want because you planned exactly what you want before you take up the work experience challenge.

Going on work experience without this type of course is not only a waste of time but a lost opportunity. In this day and age being given an opportunity for employment is just as good as the real thing.

The course is one full day and delivered in a fun and dynamic way, with No cringe whatsoever you will both enjoy it but reap the rewards if you adhere to its content.

This course includes:

1. Researching your host organization

2. Identify your hopes and dreams about the job

3. What do you hope to achieve

4. Clarify employers expectations

5. Barriers to success

6. Breaking through obstacles

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