Susan Moylan

Integrative Psychotherapist

Susan is a highly skilled Integrative Psychotherapist with 21 years of experience working with teenagers in providing education and effective mental health care. She holds BA Hons degree in working with adults, as well as a master’s degree specialising in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, making her uniquely equipped to address the complex emotional and developmental needs of younger clients.

Susan’s approach to therapy is heart led integrative, combining various therapeutic techniques and modalities to tailor treatment to the individual needs of each client. She draws from a diverse range of therapeutic frameworks, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness practices, and family systems theory. This eclectic approach allows her to address a wide array of issues, from anxiety and depression to trauma and behavioural challenges.

Susan creates a safe and nurturing environment where clients can express themselves freely. She believes in the importance of building a strong therapeutic alliance and works collaboratively with her clients and their families to foster growth and healing. Her dedication to ongoing professional development ensures that she stays current with research and best practices in the field.

Susan’s practice is dedicated to helping clients navigate life’s challenges, build resilience, and achieve their full potential. Whether working through work/ school-related stress, family conflicts, or personal struggles, Susan is committed to guiding her clients toward greater emotional well-being and a brighter future.
Susan provides holistic and individualised care, empowering her clients to overcome obstacles and lead fulfilling lives.