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This course is a one day special course designed to allow ‘breathing space’ into your life. We all live in hectic times and pressures are on, it regularly feels like we are jiggling many different things in our work and private lives. With the pressure on we struggle to allow ‘breathing space’ into our lives, to get a better sense of what we are doing and how we are doing it and most importantly why we are doing it?

This course will leave you and your staff feeling refreshed. It will ease tension in your workplace and home life. It will give you a real clear view of how you can approach each day with the same energy you had 10 years ago.

This course will give you and your staff:

  • Stress management techniques that work
  • Better coping mechanisms for a busy life
  • A clearer picture of the important things
  • Room to Breath
  • A fun and interactive workshop
  • Time management techniques that include time for you
  • Work/Life balance
  • A strong sense of team in your workplace
  • A de cluttered feeling
  • Less stress
  • More you time
  • Better health

Take one day out and come to our relaxing offices in Churchtown Dublin or avail of this course in your own premises.

For more information on this course please e mail or call 012966047

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