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ZestLife Training offers you this one day workshop with a specific focus on classroom management. If you work with young people you need to be on top of your game when it comes to keeping control of your class, engaging them in the work and dealing with challenging behaviours.

This workshop will leave you with practical guides on how to get it right. Whether you are new to the teaching or facilitation field or an old hat, this course is both important and refreshing. Taught in a very humble and inclusive way by behavioural expert, family therapist and humanitarian pioneer Stuart Wilson you will enjoy the style of learning through stories, interaction and DVD material.

  • You will develop 5 key skills to learn and practice.
  • You will discover 10 simple tips to remember and use.

Your teachers and staff will as a result of this 1 day workshop:

  1. Have a fresh approach to their class
  2. Always be overprepared for class
  3. Understand time management and ME management
  4. Be united with other teachers and staff
  5. Develop better relationships with students
  6. Deal well with challenging behaviour and prepare for it
  7. Take full responsibility for their class and what happens in it
  8. Have less stress and more calm

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