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Engaging Young People is a new one day workshop for anyone who is involved with teaching or facilitating groups of young people. Ever wonder how to engage the isolated young people, the ones who sit quietly and don’t even make eye contact. Would you like to be able to keep the attention of the class for the full 40 minutes of a 40 minutes class. This workshop will teach you practical tools to enable this to become reality.

1. Engage isolated and withdrawn young people.

2. Turn apathetic young people who say they don’t care into young action doers who do care.

3. Keep class control and keep it longer.

How do we do it- Well it’s really not rocket science. With engaging young people we simply use the latest cognitive tools and skills and teach them to you. We show you in practical terms that pulling in the class and having them eating out of your hand is not something that is a pipe dream, but a skill to learn.

Engaging young people is for the benefit of ALL the class, including you. Less stress, less behavioral problems, less sending young people out of class, more control in class, more respect to you and the young people and much much more motivation.

We will show you how becoming contribution based in how you and your young people think will sustain and grow this desire and keep it up for as long as you wish.

This one day programme engaging young people is currently on special offer if run in conjunction with the youth programme ” Full Steam Ahead” e mail davina@zestlife.ie for more details and BOOK NOW.

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