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Full Steam Ahead is a new 3/4 day workshop for young people. It has been designed to achieve three main objectives.

1. To hugely increase your young people’s levels of self esteem and self confidence.

2. To turn the apathetic ( I couldn’t be bothered) young people into action young people.

3. To seriously increase your young peoples levels of teamwork ( working together)

Sound too good to be true- well with full steam ahead we feel you will see these results very quickly. Usually run in conjunction with the staff programme ” Engaging Young People” this creates excitement and fun while addressing serious issues within your school or centre.

How do we achieve this- well with full steam ahead we use top presenters who use latest cognitive methods of gaining rapport with your young people. Even being able to pull in isolated and usually withdrawn young people. We use different media learning techniques with full steam ahead including speaking from the front, music and DVD to enhance the learning affect combining with fun exercise techniques where your young people will actually leave with their esteem and confidence built up- not just a theory of how to do it for themselves. They will leave feeling they will be able to use these methods in many aspects of their lives.

Book full steam ahead now by emailing stuart@zestlife.ie there is currently a special offer to run this programme in conjunction with the staff programme ” Engaging Young People”.

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