Perfect Progression

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This is a 1 or 2 day course designed specifically with your team of school prefects in mind:

This course will create:

The development of your team and their responsibilities

Define their role and duties

Motivate them in their daily tasks

Develop leadership skills in taking the initiative

Increasing communication skills between prefects and staff

Breakthrough any areas of concern or fear

Increase self belief in their role and strengthen self confidence and esteem

They will leave this course motivated into taking positive action in their year ahead

Using the most up to date cognitive responses ZestLife instructor Stuart Wilson works with your young people in a totally inclusive way. Using no cringe but total participation through media work, video, music and interaction this programme moves swiftly from learning to action. Your young people will be taking action and not even knowing they are doing it. We use specific results focussed strategies in the last segment that leave your young people highly charged with self esteem, confidence and belief that they can approach the year ahead with motivation and determination.


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