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The Social Generation is a one day course designed to create awareness of the effects of screens on our young people, families and OURSELVES.

This course will look at the physical, psychological and social effects of screens on our society. This includes researched data that will create clarity around relevant issues of anxiety, panic, stress and depression in which screens can play a part.

We will also look at steps we can take around not only educating ourselves to the dangers but also embrace simple yet effective strategies that will ensure an outcome that embraces technology with all its excellent benefits, as well as enhancing relationships and boundaries around family and personal responsibility.

You have heard it said a hundred times…” things were different when I was growing up”…well it’s true. Our young people are growing up in a very different world than we did. The onset of social media, play stations, creches and social networking has had a massive impact on our young people and how they interact with you and me. Rather than us adults moan and groan about it ( because it’s here to stay) this 1 day course will show you how we can reach young people with clearer understanding and creating better boundaries when we realize how much too much really is.

This is a fun day with a lot of learning and designed to give you tools to counteract the effects that years of lack of social interaction has caused our young people. Delivered by Stuart Wilson, family therapist and behavioural expert, this course will leave you with hope and determination to connect with your young people in a new way armed with much more understanding and information.

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