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YouthForce has been proven to create change in 3 specific areas for each trainee:

1. Improved attendance at the centre

2. Improved communication and behavioural skills

3. Higher levels of commitment to performing on their course and completing it

Your students will identify what they really want out of life and associate it to what they are currently working on in your centre. They will learn emotional tools, which they can use to create new habits, new decisions and a more resourceful attitude towards life. This leads to an improvement in their attitude, attendance and work-rate.

Your students’ behaviours will improve as we help them develop a new understanding & attitude towards their own behaviours, emotions and their life. This module contains specific guidelines on how to resolve conflict in all aspects of their lives with particular emphasis on their training course.

Your students will become more committed to performing and completing their course because they will be feeling a greater sense of responsibility for their own decisions, behaviours and ultimately their destiny. Our unique destination goal-setting workshop creates a sense of purpose and excitement in their lives.

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